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 We must prevent this repetitive situations. First the gunfire. Then the dying kids. Finally blaming media. I still can't believe that the twenty kids died in this tragedy. Actually , other people who passed away from this nonsense were the children of somebodies. So it looks like 'the twenty-eight children has been gone forever.' is the more accurate sentence but it doesn't matter. What is important is we have to STOP this right now. People of Sandy Hook DO NOT LET THIS BE FORGOTTEN BY PEOPLE. Make the voices of yours. There's hundreds... millions... billions of people who care about this horrible gun violence. Ask the senators and the president for the gun violence precautions. We need a fundamental solution of this problem. This problem is not just a problem of gun or violent video games. It's a really complicated and tangled problem. Bully, poverty, lack of interest to children, bad parenting and the other things are involved in this.

Dear People of Sandy Hook
 I know you are having a bad time. As I said before, people actually care about this including me. I hope you people overcome this. Stay strong and may god bless you all.


by Judd in Seoul