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I have prayed for the families that have been affected. Just keep your eyes on Jesus! 
Hold on, change is coming. 
-Mr. Smallz

by Hajee in Muskegon Permalink

Dear families,

As I am writing this letter, my eyes are filled with tears again.  I can't even fathom how much of the pain you had to and are going through right now.  As a mother of a 5 year old daughter, my heart aches every time I think of you.  I don't have much words to sooth the sufferings.  But my heart truly goes out to all the families who has been affected.  

I pray with all my heart that you and your families recover and regain the strength through the working hands of God.  I pray that you'll find comfort in Jesus Christ.  

Please know that there are people across the country and world that are praying and thinking of you.  You will always be in my prayer.  Love you and God bless you!!!

"When you lie down, you will not be afraid;  When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet" Proverbs 3:24  

by Jane in Little Ferry Permalink

Dear anyone who has been affected,
    When writing this letter, I was not really sure what to put down. I had been constantly thinking over and over again that this could have been me. I know that I haven't been through this sudden tragedy, but it has affected me. I can't begin to bear the sadness one may be going through throughout this hard time. I may not know who you are or what your story is, but I just want to let you know that you are not alone. Don't live your life in sadness or grief because the many who passed away would not want that. I am sure that the many who passed away are looking after you, just like you have looked after them. So be grateful for the time you have, and continue to live life even if it seems hard at first. Throughout time, I hope for the best, and hope God gives you the strength to cope with your sadness. 

by Jocelyn in Bergenfield Permalink

I am sorry for what has occurred and I know that none of these people know me and I don't know any of you know me i want you all to know that my heart is sent out to you in your darkness and pain that you all must be going through. Many people are very sad as well as traumatized with this situation and you are not alone. We are all here for you all because the pain that you are all going through must be quite unfathomable and I know i wouldn't be as strong as all of you people in Newtown. I wish my best for you all and to keep your heads up because it always gets better after the storm! My the Lord be with you and bless you all.

by Cyrene in Hilo Permalink

i can only imagine the pain and anger you may be feeling. But please, I implore you, do not forget that God is still taking care of everything. Lean not on your own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all your heart, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6. God bless you! You are forever in my prayers.

by Sister in Christ in God and His love is our shelter. Permalink

I know there are no adequate words of consolution that I can offer. I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you as you try to cope with the terrible loss of those you loved.  

by Donna in Teaneck Permalink

하나님 우리가 무슨 말로 위로를 하겠습니까
주님께서 부모와 형제 자매 모든 친척들을
위로하시고 가슴으로 보듬어 주셔서
하루속히 악몽에서 벗어나게 하시옵서
다시는 지구상에 이런일이 없도록
간절히 기도 할 뿐입니다
온가족들을 향해 죄송합니다
               박부녀 올림

by 박부녀 in Nj totowa Permalink

하나님 우리가 무슨 말로 위로를 하겠습니까
주님께서 부모와 형제 자매 모든 친척들을
위로하시고 가슴으로 보듬어 주셔서
하루속히 악몽에서 벗어나게 하시옵서
다시는 지구상에 이런일이 없도록
간절히 기도 할 뿐입니다
온가족들을 향해 죄송합니다
               박부녀 올림

by 박부녀 in Nj totowa Permalink

Dear families and friends of SandyHook victims, 

I tried multiple times to sit down and write down the feelings I felt right after everything happened, but it was tough to get my emotions to sound comprehendible on paper. I tried to think of inspiring quotes to say or some sort of art work to convey my emotions, but I hadn't been able to put my focus onto any one thing. 

I was shaken to the core when I watched the news and the story unravel, I cried and still feel like crying every time I look at the pictures of the beautiful lives that were lost and grief stricken faces of their family members. I feel as though I'm about to cry now... but then I think, these amazing individuals just joined God earlier than any of us, which makes them so so special.

I hope everyone of you find peace. We should all hold our loved ones a little closer and tell them we love them so incredibly much. Life is fleeting and I think it's really important to see the good in everything, and really live everyday to the fullest.

Sending you love, hope, and prayers from Florida. 


by Vinutha in Tampa Permalink

Never forget. 

by Kim in seoul Permalink

This act does not define you, or any of the children it took. The violence which consumed innocent lives in a burst of darkness coming from one lone man. Sandy Hook, and the children who's lives it took are immortal in their innocence. Their individual lives, brilliant candles in this dark world are not snuffed out by this horrible act. They live now in the memories of all the people who see their innocent faces. Nothing will ever bring back their lives,  nothing can replace their worth, innocence, and purity. But we will remember, not the violence, but the children, and the hero's who died alongside them. Protecting them. 

by Heather in Denton Permalink

Dear Family

Greetings from freezing Zurich!!

We donot know you personally but like family share grief, We and the entire world is sharing your grief.

We are sending you our prayers and wishes -Sandy Hook Elementary School.....Survivors, their parents, courageous teachers and all the people living in that region.

May the souls of the victims rest in peace and may their families face this difficult time with lot of strength. Everyone has to die one day and my belief is we meet our loved ones who have left us one day, may be in different forms, may be in different bodies, may be in some other life..... one day we will meet..... when??? i donot know but we will meet them for sure!!!!

Therefore, donot end your beautiful life until you are living. You have to Live and live happily, take care of all your loved ones who are still around and take good care of your self. You can support other person only when you can support yourself first. We are blessed to be in a human body, we must make use of this body to serve humanity. Be happy for everyone, Be sad if someone suffers, become their strength. Participate in the causes, where ever you are!!!

If you feel low....PRAY!! pray as much as you can, keep the light in you burning always!!!!
May you and your loved ones stay healthy, positive and blessed!!!

Merry X-mas and a very happy new year EVERYONE!!!

If you feel like it anytime, please feel free to write me. I donot think you need any kind of support as I certainly believe you are very strong and positive. But sometimes just sharing your thoughts and grief with someone could make the life bit easy. If there is anything we could do, please do let us know.

Your well wishers
Rashmi & Prem


by Rashmi in Zurich Permalink

           Safely Home
 I am home in Heaven, dear ones;
Oh, so happy and so bright!
There is perfect Joy and beauty
In this everlasting light.
All the pain and grief is over.
Every restless tossing passed;
I am now at peace forever,
Safely home in Heaven at last.
Did you wonder I so calmly
Trod the valley of the shade?
Oh! but Jesus' love illumined
Every dark and fearful glade.
And He cam Himself to meet me
In the way so hard to tread;
And with Jesus' arm to lean on,
Could I have one doubt or dread?
Then you must not grieve so sorely, for I love you dearly still;
Try to look beyond earth's shadows,
Pray to trust our Father's Will.
There is work still waiting for you,
So you must not idly stand;
Do it now, while life remaineth-
You shall rest in Jesus' land.
When that work is all completed,
He will gently call you Home;
Oh, the rapture of that meeting,
Oh, the joy to see you come!

by Pat in Keary Permalink

May Jesus and His Blessed Mother comfort you in your sorrow and grief.   I grieve with you and pray for you and your precious angels in heaven, including the teachers and principal.  They were so innocent, and the teachers and prinicpal were so courageous.  I pray that you have the strength to live with hope and even joy, celebrating the lives of your loved ones.  Trust that God is by your side, always sustaining you.  God bless you all.  I am joined by the whole country sending you our love.

by Bernadette in Wyckoff Permalink

"You want a physicist to speak at your funeral. You want the physicist to talk to your grieving family about the conservation of energy, so they will understand that your energy has not died. You want the physicist to remind your sobbing mother about the first law of thermodynamics; that no energy gets created in the universe, and none is destroyed. You want your mother to know that all your energy, every vibration, every Btu of heat, every wave of every particle that was her beloved child remains with her in this world. You want the physicist to tell your weeping father that amid energies of the cosmos, you gave as good as you got.

And at one point you’d hope that the physicist would step down from the pulpit and walk to your brokenhearted spouse there in the pew and tell him that all the photons that ever bounced off your face, all the particles whose paths were interrupted by your smile, by the touch of your hair, hundreds of trillions of particles, have raced off like children, their ways forever changed by you. And as your widow rocks in the arms of a loving family, may the physicist let her know that all the photons that bounced from you were gathered in the particle detectors that are her eyes, that those photons created within her constellations of electromagnetically charged neurons whose energy will go on forever.

And the physicist will remind the congregation of how much of all our energy is given off as heat. There may be a few fanning themselves with their programs as he says it. And he will tell them that the warmth that flowed through you in life is still here, still part of all that we are, even as we who mourn continue the heat of our own lives.

And you’ll want the physicist to explain to those who loved you that they need not have faith; indeed, they should not have faith. Let them know that they can measure, that scientists have measured precisely the conservation of energy and found it accurate, verifiable and consistent across space and time. You can hope your family will examine the evidence and satisfy themselves that the science is sound and that they’ll be comforted to know your energy’s still around. According to the law of the conservation of energy, not a bit of you is gone; you’re just less orderly. Amen."

You are in our thoughts, always. I wish for you that have experienced this incredible loss the ability to live happily again, without forgetting the joy your loved ones brought you. There is hope for tomorrow, and I know you will heal. All my love.

by Gaby in Fort Lee Permalink

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